Forging & Furnace Automation

Driving the success of today’s Forging Companies is the need to optimize throughout, while achieving the best utilization of their Forging equipment. As a division of the world’s leader in Induction equipment for the Forging Industry, (the INDUCTOTHERM Group), Clinton Machine brings years of experience in billet handling and forging automation to companies around the world. We work closely with customers to offer heavy-duty, automated equipment solutions that increase throughput, minimize down-time and address safety and ergonomic handling of materials for operators.  

See listing below of equipment offered to maximize the efficiency of forging systems: 

Custom Automation & Material Handling Systems

Forging Automation:

  • Bin Tippers

  • Billet Feeders

  • Graphite Coaters

  • Billet Conveyors

  • Robotic Press Load

  • Billet Escapements (Robot load)

  • Billet Purge Systems

  • Billet Weighing Systems

  • Billet Cut-off Systems (shears & saws)

  • Bar/Billet Heating Lines

  • Fork Forming Lines (Forklift)

  • Billet /Forged Part Material Handling

  • Bar Upset Lines


Furnace Automation:

  • Furnace Load Systems

  • Furnace Unload Systems

  • Robotic Handling Systems

  • Bearing Quench Press Lines