Your Source for Custom Automation & Material Handling Systems

Clinton Machine serves companies throughout the North American markets, and through our worldwide group of companies through the Inductotherm Group. Drawing on over 56 years of manufacturing knowledge associated with designing and building of Automated systems, the company has amassed thousands of engineering & manufacturing hours, developing equipment designs to solve unique or special applications. Through this process, the company is able to provide proven methods, components, and equipment designs for various customer-related applications.

Although the company’s capabilities exist for unique or custom applications, over the years, Clinton Machine has developed certain areas of equipment expertise associated with specific products and Industries. Highlighted in the following are the core markets and types of products you will find us working in.

INDUSTRIES … where you’ll find us …


Suspension Mfg. Equipment 

  • Axles Bars
  • Torsion Bars
  • Stabilizer Bars
  • Coil Springs
  • Brakes / Rotors
  • Assembly Stations
  • Heating & Forging Systems

Assembly & Test Systems:

  • Component Assembly Fixtures
  • Test Fixture Systems
  • Dynometer Test Systems

Body Assembly Systems:

  • Press Blank Turnover Units
  • Body Assembly Stations
  • Fastener Installation Systems
  • C-Press Pierce Fixtures


Billet Handling Equipment

  • Bin Tippers
  • Billet Feeders
  • Graphite Coaters
  • Billet Conveyors
  • Robotic Press Load
  • Billet Escapements (Robot load)
  • Billet Purge Systems
  • Billet Weighing Systems
  • Billet Cut-off Systems (shears & saws)
  • Bar/Billet Heating Lines
  • Fork Forming Lines (Forklift)
  • Billet /Forged Part Material Handling
  • Bar Upset Lines

Furnace Automation:

  • Furnace Load Systems
  • Furnace Unload Systems
  • Robotic Handling Systems
  • Bearing Quench Press Lines


Extrusion Handling Equipment

  • Extrusion Stacking /De-stacking Systems
  • Aging Rack Stacking /De-stacking Systems
  • Rack Handling Conveyors
  • Billet/Log Storage & Retrieval Systems
  • Log Infeed Conveyors (saw systems)
  • Overhead Billet Transfer Units


  • Bundle Breakdown Tables
  • Bar Descramblers
  • Draw Bench Automation
  • Straightener Handling
  • Shot Peen Handling
  • Bar Transfer Conveyors
  • Bar Cooling Tables
  • Bar Bundle & Packaging
  • Bar Stackers & De-stackers
  • Bar Chamfer Systems
  • Bar Marking Systems
  • NDT Test Systems
  • Bar Saw Handling 


  • Bundle Breakdown
  • Tube Descramblers
  • Tube Mill Exit Conveyors
  • Tube Transfer Conveyors
  • Tube Cooling Tables
  • Tube Packaging Systems
  • Tube Stackers & De-stackers
  • Tube Inspection Units
  • Tube Assembly Stations
  • Tube Test Stations
  • Tube Forming Systems
  • Straightener Handling
  • Tube Marking Systems


  • Automated Mold Turntables
  • Mold Carrier Frames
  • Robotic Handling Systems
  • Foam Mold Automation
  • Custom Material Handling
  • Part Stacking/ Packaging

Drill Rod / Sucker Rod Processing Equipment

  • Bar/Tube (Drill Rod) Bundle descrambling & Robotic handling
  • Integrated material handling to connect all phases of manufacturing
  • Forging and Bar upset systems
  • Highly specialized Induction heat treating/tempering
  • Bar/Tube scanning systems for full-length hardening
  • Thread Hardening of machined threads 
  • Handling of precision machined pin & box connections
  • TIR measuring equipment & NDT inspection systems
  • Packaging Systems – Bundle creation & Banding systems